Best Audiophile Turntables Under $2000 (2020) – Reviews & Buying Guide

There are people who are involved in searching for the best turntable, which is under $2000. These are known as the audiophiles hoping a reason with it. There are people who are being settled for the minimum rather than that of the suitable sound quality of sound. They are willing for a top payment for these record players. These are the much expensive record players. A list is being presented comprising the best audiophile turntable model for assisting the people who are willing to buy.

Whats make high-end turntables so excellent and expensive:

This is to be said that, there lies some of the significant costly models of the record player which are being recognized in the category of high-end price point. While the reason for making this model right lies behind. Within this range lies the old-school turntables, ugly models as well as modern digital models. There lie some crucial details which are responsible for differentiating each of the models, which are the budget models and the mid-priced models.

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The high-end turntables are meeting in comparably better considering the starters. Each of the models is being outfitted with a unique as well as a variant set of hardware that is being made for the unparalleled performance. These are the turntables that are being recognized as to be more and more versatile while making some comparison of the average record players. A plethora is being outfitted considering the neat features. There are few which are unique completely, while some others are there which are common but are perfect.

Best Audiophile Turntables for under $2000


This is the analog, which is a high-end record player and is quite common. This is a direct-drive turntable. By look, this is to be said that this is amazing. A feeling lies with this turntable of a looming nostalgia.

In the first segment, this is to be said that, this is the turntable which sounds superbly rich and bright. A lot is being expected from this machine, as this is the item that costs a fortune. Because of the peculiar operation method, this appears bright at times.

In the second segment, this is to be said that, this is the durable item, and a couple of owners can outlast this turntable. There are chances that the grandkids of the owner can enjoy the facility of this turntable. An unmatched setup is being featured within it.

Each of the single control of this turntable is expensive and nice. The other feature which lies within this is the extreme torque, where an incredibly fast startup is being permitted. This is a turntable, which is being regarded as the best option within the market.


  • this has a retro and old-school look.
  • The durability of this turntable is fantastic.
  • The operation of this direct drive is of high-quality.
  • It is comprised of a superb setup.


  • This is the slider, which is better.
  • This weighs heavy.


In the first segment, this is the beautiful player, and by looks, this turntable is magnificent that outshines in effectively within every feature of the presentation. This is the turntable which has sported a high-gloss black finish. This is the player who is reliably designed as well as the performance of this player has surpassed. The record player standardises the style of the boutique. This is the player who has outfitted with an RB303 tone-arm that is hand-assembled with a low-vibration 24v motor along with a 3D CAD tech that has majorly complimented the accuracy of the tone-arm.

While this is one of the most expensive turntables, which is available within the market, this is again comprised of a noiseless operation method along with motor of low-vibration along with superior stability as well as an impeccable accuracy that complies with the standards of the audiophile and the taste of it.


  • This is comprised of a fantastic look.
  • This is stable and is compact.
  • The tone-arm is of premium quality.
  • The 24v motor is of low noise.


  • There are no significant errors, but the cost of these ranges the cost of leg and an arm.


This is a type of turntable that is driven by a belt. This is outfitted with a decoupled and powerful DC motor. The motor is cohesive into the plinth that is booming and is enhanced. This is comprised of an elegant look, and a small footprint is packed within it and is safe as the compact is portable.

The platter of this turntable is comprised of 30 millimetres materials of the polyoxymethylene that is being composed of the thermoplastic components. This expects high durability and makes the performance at low-friction.

A reproduction of the concept is being recorded at three speeds and is being comprised of 33 rotations within a minute, 45 as well as 78. The entire thing is selectable through the assistance of the ESC knob that is the electronic speed control knob. These all are the features which are being expected from German engineering.


  • The design is timeless.
  • The POM platter is highly durable.
  • The DC motor is decoupled.
  • Excels within aesthetics.


  • This is comprised of a premium sound quality within the versatility.


A fact is being concluded that regular turntables can be costing around $100 till $200 reasonably. Thus, it is being wondered about the best selection of the turntable under $2000, which is being regarded as a segment of technology, which is good. This is the list that is being comprised of the explanation of the high-end records. Hope from this list one can select the best option for buying.