Best Budget Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Review

When riding a motorcycle, both hands are engaged. So when your phone rings, it becomes difficult to receive it without endangering your ride. Besides, talking to a companion rider at the back isn’t easy at high speed.

Freeing your hands to pick the phone or turning your head for easy conversation increases the likelihood of causing an accident. Why must you endanger your life on the road?

One way around such challenges is getting a Bluetooth motorcycle headset. With such a device you don’t have to fuss to reach your phone. Besides, it offers other crucial services. Without breaking the bank, you can get such Bluetooth headset for your motorcycle helmet.

Best Budget Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset Review

1. Sena SMH10D-10 Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset / Intercom (Dual)

From a single charging that takes 2.5hours, Sena SMH10D Bluetooth headset provides 12 hours of talk time. But in standby mode, it lasts 10 days. That’s possible because it uses lithium polymer batteries. So you won’t have to worry about the frequent charging. 

The headset uses Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity and universal intercom connection technology. As a result, it can connect with Bluetooth-enabled phones and other headsets of different brands. When used in an open environment with no obstacles, it connects to another device 900meters away. So, long distance sharing of music with other motorcycles is very easy. 

To provide you with a clear conversation, it employs two unique features. That is the noise cancellation technology for both the received and transmitted signal. Also, it integrates an automatic signal boost when in a high noise environment. Besides, it uses the digital to analog converter of a 48 kHz sample rate. So, that results in an ultra-clear sound.

Its user controls have been designed to support easy navigation even when riding at high speed. The motorcycle music headset allows for individual volume adjustment of music, calls, and intercom. This Sena headset supports up to a 4-way intercom conversation. 


  • Supports long-range communication
  • Voice prompts available in 5 different languages
  • Has noise cancellation technology
  • Easy to operate at high speed
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Provides universal fit to most helmets
  • Backed up by two years warranty


  • Low bass reproduction

2. Sena SMH5-UNIV Bluetooth Headset and Intercom for Scooters/Motorcycles with Universal Microphone Kit

Unlike the Sena SMH10D, this Sena SMH5-UNIV Bluetooth Headset and Intercom gives you both the boom microphone and wired microphone in the same package. That gives you the advantage to customize your fit the way you want it. Even though it doesn’t reach a far distance like Sena SMH10D, it can connect to another device 400 meters away. That is sufficient enough for making hands free calls and intercom conversation between motorcycle riders. 

From a single charge, it delivers 8hours of talk time or 7 days of standby use. To make it simple to use, it has integrated voice prompts in five different languages. Communication in a high noise area like bus terminus is simple. That is because Sena (SMH5-UNIV) uses an advanced noise control technique. That enables it to reduce greatly the interference from background noise. At the same time, it features an automatic boost when in a noisy environment.

This Bluetooth 3.0 headset device is safe to use while riding. For example, it provides you with an easy to navigate control buttons. For instance, at a single push of a button, you can cycle through all the controls of the device. Besides, it features individual volume adjustment of the phone, music, and intercom functionality. 

When you want to hold intercom conversation with other motorcycle riders, it makes it simpler. It features the cross-brand intercom connection. So it isn’t a must that the other rider must have a Sena intercom device.


  • Delivers crystal clear sound
  • Audible sound even in a high noise environment
  • Has the cross-brand intercom connection compatibility
  • Easy to use controls
  • Easy to install in most helmets
  • Good battery power
  • Sufficient connection range


  • You can only pair to one rider at a time

3. VR-robot Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset

If you need a simple Bluetooth headset that allows you to connect to your rider, motorcycle colleagues nearby, then the VR-robot Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset is hard to beat. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 connection technology. Thus you can easily connect to your iPhone, smartphone, and other Bluetooth devices like an MP3 player. 

Although it only provides for a maximum connection distance of 23 meters, it maintains a strong connection to another device. That range is sufficient to connect you with your rider companion for convenient communication. Moreover, it frees your hands thus contributing to safe and convenient rides.

The Bluetooth headset is powered by a 3.7v, 15mAH lithium-ion battery. The battery features fast charging since it requires only 2 hours to store full power. And once charged it delivers 160hours of standby use or 8 hours of talk time. So for ordinary use, a single charge may last you a couple of days.

To avoid the danger of the device going off abruptly, it features a dual battery alert system. You can set it to receive an audible alert when the battery goes down. At the same time, it also displays the remaining amount of power on your phone. 


  • Strong and quick to connect Bluetooth function
  • Sensitive microphone
  • The battery comes fully charged
  • Provides all the accessories you need during installation
  • Long playback time


  • Phone calls sound become slightly muffled when riding above 30mph

4. HuanGou Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset, BT-S3 Waterproof Motorbike Intercom 

Are you tired of Bluetooth headset that provides muffled sound while you are riding at high speed? Then it’s time to upgrade to HuanGou Motorcycle Bluetooth BT-S3 Headset. With good clearance, it supports clear communication even while riding at 80 to 120km/h. It pairs up to 3 riders and supports 2 intercom connections at a go.  

Its power retaining ability is also appreciable. To get fully charged it requires about 3 hours. After which it supports conversation of 7 to 8 hours. Besides, it supports a maximum connection distance of 1000meyters depending on the topography.

As an outdoor communication device, it uses silicone material that makes it fully waterproof. So you can use it even during snowy or rainy days without fear of degrading its quality. Besides, it has been certified by various bodies like CE, BQB, ROHS, and FCC. 

It also features a full hands-free connection. Once the Bluetooth connection is made, you can switch between phone, intercom, and music easily. Also, in the hands-free connection, you can accept, or reject incoming calls. You can also set an automatic call answer or redial the previous call when you want. It is these features that contribute to a comfortable and safe ride.

Audio clarity is a crucial requirement in a headset. Therefore the HuanGou Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset uses noise reduction technology. By incorporating echo cancellation and noise suppression techniques, this Bluetooth headset outputs clear audio. 


  • Extended connection range of 1000m
  • Features echo cancelation and noise suppression technology
  • Waterproof
  • Compatible with many devices such as all Bluetooth BT-S3 series devices, Smartphones, full and half face helmets
  • Simple to assemble and disassemble
  • Easy to operate buttons with a glove


  • Finding the replacement part for the charging cable is difficult

5. Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset, Bluetooth 5.0, Waterproof Motorcycle intercom

If you need a simple slim motorcycle Bluetooth headset with good playback time, then the Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset makes a good consideration. Owing to its slim design, it fits comfortably in most helmets without exerting undue pressure. 

Using the Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, it allows you to connect with your accompanying rider or another motorcycle easily. For simple hands-free communication, music entertainment and intercom conversation the 20m connection distance is sufficient. 

The Motorcycle Helmet Bluetooth Headset is powered by a 700mAH lithium-ion battery. It requires 2 hours to charge to full capacity. Thereafter it rewards you with 50 continuous hours of talking or 500hours of standby use. You won’t have to worry about the device going off abruptly. The battery level is indicated on your phone screen. 

Even on a snowy or rainy day your Bluetooth headset still functions normally. That is possible since it features the IPX7 certification. This device uses the windproofing, stable connection, and DSP noise cancellation technology to produce clear sound production.


  • It features universal helmet compatibility and all Bluetooth enabled Smartphones 
  • Easy to install, reinforced by Velcro strap
  • Ultra-clear audio production
  • Has the slim design
  • Its microphone can be rotated easily when needed
  • Strong signals
  • Long-lasting battery


  • The casing is a bit weak and requires the utmost care

6. LEXIN LX-B4FM Motorcycle Intercom, Universal Helmet Communication System 

If your primary concern in a motorcycle Bluetooth headset is an extra connection range, then the LEXIN LX-B4FM Motorcycle Intercom meets the requirement. It allows up to a maximum of 4 riders to talk at the same time so long as they are at a maximum distance of 1600m. 

Forget about other Bluetooth headsets that can’t support a clear connection when you are cruising at a high speed. LEXIN LX-B4FM guarantees you clear communication even at a maximum speed of 120km/h. It makes that possible by integrating the advanced noise cancelation technology in its design. Besides, it features a universal pairing feature. That means it will connect with almost any Bluetooth headset and earpieces in the market. 

Whether you have a flip face or full-face motorcycle helmet, this headset still fits you. That is so since you can easily swap between a boom microphone and a button microphone as your helmet demands. 

To enrich your handsfree enjoyment, this LX-B4FM is compatible with Siri iPhone and S voice Samsung commands. That further the range of features you can enjoy by pairing the device with either Siri or Samsung phone.

Once the battery level reaches a critical level, the device alerts you. Moreover, you can always tell the battery level at any given moment. 


  • Extra-long range connection ability; 1600m
  • Maintains strong signals and communication even when traveling at high speed
  • Has a battery level indicator and alert
  • Compatible with Siri iPhone for executing voice commands
  • Delivers clear sound at high volume


  • Experiences some delay as you switch from music to conversation mode

What Makes a Good Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset?

A good motorcycle Bluetooth headset eases communicating with your rider and other motorcycles. But now that there are many models in the market claiming to be the best, how do you go about your selection process? How can you pick on the model that gives you efficient service in exchange for your money? 

Here are the crucial features to think of ahead of your selection process;

Battery life

All the features of the device require power. The battery capacity decides how long you can use the Bluetooth headset, thus it’s important. If you mostly go on long trips or ride in a region with unreliable power, then go for a higher capacity battery. A battery that requires frequent charging is of no use.

Where you will be riding

Most of these devices require a clear line of sight to achieve their full range connection distance. Therefore if you foresee riding in terrain with lots of obstacles then go for a longer range headset. Otherwise, open terrain with no obstacles within reach doesn’t call for a longer range of operation. 


You can never tell when it might rain on you. Consequently, it is wise to choose the Bluetooth headset that has good waterproofing ability. Thus such a device will still provide stronger signals and work perfectly in a snowy and rainy environment. Otherwise, it will force you to detach the headset every time it threatens to rain

Easy to use controls

The buttons of the device should be easy to access. Remember mostly you will be using the headset when you are on your bike. So the controls should be simple to operate even while wearing gloves.

The number of devices it can pair connect to

Usually, the cost of a Bluetooth headset is directly proportional to the number of devices it can pair with. So first think of the number of people you will need to pair up with. Do you just need to pair up with one or two accompanying riders? It makes no sense to invest in a Bluetooth headset with has a high capacity that you won’t fully utilize.

Sound level and clarity

For the ease of communication, you need clear sound at a sufficient level. Imagine the discomfort of listening to low muffled sounds in a high noise environment. So go for the model that has background noise suppression technology. Besides, you need sufficient volume since wind and traffic interferences are unavoidable. You should try out the sound level. But if buying from online stores, read keenly comments from previous users from many sites. 

Voice command ability

You need your hands entirely free for the safe riding of a motorcycle. Thus ideally you need the Bluetooth headset that has the voice control command feature. A good example is the LEXIN LX-B4FM Motorcycle Bluetooth headset

Mode of installation

To minimize the chances of the device falling when you are at high speed it should fit securely on your helmet. Usually, there are two methods on how to attach a motorcycle Bluetooth headset to helmets. It either uses the double-sided tape or employs the clamp-on technology. The clamping mechanism provides superior and reliable installation. 


A Bluetooth motorcycle headset is a vital device in a bike.  It connects you to your passenger and other colleagues conveniently. Even while on a budget, you can afford this device. Through it, you can access your phone’s function by voice commands. Besides, the guide also gives you tips on how to pick the right headset.