Best DJ Turntables for Beginners [2020] – Reviews and Buying Guide

The age of DJs has returned, and this is to be welcome with some proper, valid and innovative DJ turntables. You are so much lucky if you visit this blog and go through to get info on some of the highest quality and innovative models of the DJ turntables in the market.  Here I have worked and researched on a few turntables making sure that you don’t have any problem before purchasing these from the market. And if you are a beginner in this subject, this is the reading you must go through, ensuring you will get help from this.

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Best DJ Turntables for Beginners – Reviews

#1. GEMINI TT-1000

As I have mentioned earlier, that I will start from low price products to the highest ones. So here comes Gemini TT-1000 which is sold at a low price and which provides a much chance to practice out how the beginner turntables would act like. If you think that it will be flimsy because of being cheaper, then you are all the way wrong. It is not fragile as it tends to be, but it also does not have sophisticated features as the other higher priced turntables have. However, these beginner turntables are made up of suitable quality materials, and the trait is made up of a platter that is of solid aluminum.

The feature of TT-1000 that will make you more attractive towards this is that it has a feather touch stop and start buttons, adjustable counterweight, a distinctive slider, and controls those are anti-skating. But on the other hand, this piece is not as dynamic as Numark’s PT01, and lagging a bit aside Stanton’s T55 USB based on the quality of the audio. However, this sort of quality comes up with a low budget as a beginner usage. In all, it is very cheaper than its other mates startling excellent musical rendition for the beginners.


  • Primary features of DJ
  • Reasonable price
  • Dynamism and Durability is satisfactory
  • Simple design and convenient to use
  • Audio quality is very decent
  • Overall performance is good


  • If budget is low then go for it, or else it is mediocre at its best.


DJTech is a brand name for DJ Turntables under which I have selected a model from their range of model just for you, thinking that you are a beginner.

USOLOE is a digital turntable which characterizes a new and innovative display that presents to you very real-time feedback wherein the settings are put into effects such as the song name, song length and many more. It will be of enormous use for the DJ those who are on their way to be professionals. This device comes with three hot-cue memory banks, USB input, seamless loops &reloops, pitch shift slider, and other dynamic function knobs that allow the DJs to navigate easily.

On the first hand, we can discuss the USB section. This turntable has the viability to take in the USB and any other sort of smaller hard drive extensions that significantly clarifies the process in selecting the track. On the other hand, the hot-cue-banks allow the DJ to play straight away and toggle between the songs, to make it perfect for the live performance. The key lock features and the pitch shifters are present to toggle with those around, and that will provide you with all the ways to polish your ingrained skills easily. The dynamic functionary knob is current to track and toggle between the main functions and tracks.

Finally, it can be said about DJTech’s USOLOE that it is not at all expensive, considering the performance level. Yeah, the previous turntable which I have mentioned costs lesser than this one, but within the same price range, this projects a considerable value for the cash. It is not durable, even though it is excellent in a significant number of fields on the grounds of performance. Proper usage will make this product easy to handle if you go with it around for years or so, but usually, all the digital turntables are flimsy in their traits. Taking everything into consideration, this is a very dynamic and sturdy element that could be best used by the beginners, as it is not too compound or not a too simple one, but it gives you a lot with that sum of payment.


  • Versatility to its extent
  • Decent use
  • Valued for cash
  • Several features of DJ like pitch shifter, hot-cue banks, and multi-function knob
  • Fully Digitalized


  • Constructed in a flimsy manner


Numark is also another series of brands selling DJ turntables. And for the product to be reviewed under this brand name, I have selected PT01 Scratch.

Simply putting it, in this way it seems to be quite sparkling when it comes to the character of the top-shelf, it is as constant as it is flexible. This is a 3-speed turntable which can engender vinyl records and 33 1/3, 45 or 78 rotations in a minute. This electronic item comes with ta feature of slide-switch and build in scratch, which provides your job to do it with more ease. There are several other features within with it the built-in speaker is worth mentioning. It is quite strong and acts as a unique element for practice medium. Although it is essential to know that you may require amplifying it up if you want to give a live performance with it. There are several other features which consist of the protective case, as well the handle to carry for convenient transportation. So, PT01 is to be considered as one of the most portable DJ turntables in this range of price. The PT01 also works on batteries where it needs only six numbers of cells. But this could also be used with the AC adapter as well. The volume control button is very convenient to use, and for the connectivity purposes, it is also used for the RCA line outs or USB to record on your computer. In a nutshell, Numark’s PT01 is an excellent DJ turntable tools for beginners.


  • Best quality of audio
  • Dynamic and long-lasting
  • High quality of integrated traits
  • Portable turntables


  • The upper layer of the tool is prone to come out


Last, but not least, I will enclose the whole discussion of the DJ turntables by mentioning our last product, which is Stanton’s T55USB. The look of this product is quite modern and delicate; it is straightforward and has a lot of resemblance with Gemini’s TT-1000.

Two of these mentioned models are very simple and very easy to use as it is being designed for beginners. The histogram of this product has a meek configuration. The fundamental difference is based on the emissions of the sound. The boasting of Stanton T55USB comes out with unparalleled quality with the music, and it is one of the turntables which you will want in your stock for your further progression in professionalism. Most of the people claim that the cartridge of Stanton T55USB is of the audiophile-level where it could be made sure that the boundary between this sort of turntable and all the other models is very lucid and constant. As a beginner, the only feature you could rely upon this DJ turntable is the adjustable slider in the volume. As this is a little bit complex turntable so this slider will focus on your volume, making it easier to perform in live performances.

The only drawback which I can see with T55USM is about the price range. It is costlier than the other products which I have mentioned earlier, though it does a great job with that price.


  • Simplicity in recording audios
  • Professional features
  • Easy to use
  • Sound quality is unparalleled


  • It is excellent, but you have to pay a high price for buying it.

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Buying Guide of DJ Turntables for Beginners

How convenient to use it?

Thinking about the fundamental question which you can propagate is what kind of product you want. Is it a compound one, or is it a simpler one? Now, it is totally up to you according to your buying and user behavior. Here, I am going to put forth some products which have their pros and cons and make sure only to buy that product which you think you can handle better.

Are you buying this to practice and make your skills better or are you a fresher to provide live performance? The sound quality of the simple DJ tool is the best, but it has limited access to other functionalities for not being dynamic. Apart from this, the more the compound the model is, the more it will allow you to be versatile. This means the more amount of money you spend on turntables, the more functions you are liable to get making you more professional at the same time.


I would talk less about the price because I think that it is not significant to discuss the price here. Because after I conducted the price strategy research on DJ turntables, I found out that the turntables for the beginners are incredibly inexpensive. And which is why I think the price could not stop you from buying your favorites.

But if you seek for the compounded versions of turntables, I would recommend you to purchase brands like Stanton’s T55USB if you have a limited budget. Oh, yes! Gemini’s TT-1000 is another product that you can smoothly go for. You can expect higher if you have cash in your hand. There I can recommend the system from the categories of lower prices ascending to the higher priced ones.


An insubstantial turntable will be your bad investment. By now, you may have noticed that even the turntables that are priced low are often sold around $ 100. Indeed, if you buy any of those, you might have comprehended by now for selling or returning the products for the good ones. For this, you do not have to buy hard, reliable turntables as being your first investment made on it. You could instead buy plastic which could be a flimsy model, and with it, you can work great.


Here come the features or the characters of the DJ turntables, which differ from each other, ranging from the lowest quality to the highest ones. Now, these classifications of the traits include the selectable speeds and the volume knobs in most of the cases. Apart from this, there are several composite models where it has pitch shifters, sound controls, digital displays and other features which are included in the lowest-priced models. Some models are having the function of the digital knob. This is a special kind of functionality where the DJs can easily track from one song to the other without taking any hassle. For instance, DJ Tech’s USOLOE can be a perfect example of having this unique knob.


The line of termination can be drawn by saying that researching and finding the best turntables for DJ was not very hard. But it is difficult in choosing what to buy and what not to among all. Now, it is totally in the hands of the customer to go through this reading and select accordingly to your purposes of use. This is just a mere review of a few products, and there are many such products that can buy and before buying, it is my wholehearted suggestion that please read the study of the product before purchasing. Once you are satisfied with the taxonomy of the product, then you make sure you are ready to buy that before changing your mind. But I’ve created this blog to make sure that you do not face any hurdles before going to the market. You must be self-sufficient with the information provided. So, what are you waiting for? Read, know and buy.