Best Headphones for Cycling Review

From racing, trailing roads, workouts to daily commuting, bicycles play an integral role. But wherever you are, you need to stay connected with others.

Still, many cyclists claim to listen to music while cycling boosts their morale to push through with exercise. And that explains the upsurge in demand for headphones by cyclists.

But, you shouldn’t compromise your safety on the road. Thus you need to maintain a sharp hearing sense. On the other hand, you can’t do without music.

And that’s where the best headphones for cycling come into the picture. Such headsets free your hand, doesn’t impair your listening ability to the surrounding, keeps you entertained and lets you respond to calls safely. 

Best Headphones for Cycling Review

1. Bose SoundSport Free, True Wireless Earbuds

One of the defining features of Bose SoundSport Free is its blend of comfort and reliable grip headset placement. When you wear the wireless headset, it feels comfortable to the ears yet doesn’t easily fall out of place amidst rigorous activity like cycling.

The 0.64oz lightweight earphones use dual microphones on the right ear. Thus, you can make and receive calls without straining. From the provided 3 StayHear+ Sport tips, customizing the in-ear fitness is easy.

Once you wear the equipment, it delivers ultra-clear sound with ample bass. From a single charge of 2 hours, you get 5 hours of playtime. Besides, the charging case adds 10 hours of battery time. You can hence bid bye to frequent charging.

Do you often misplace your headphones? This Bose SoundSport Free is easy to trace. Either use the App to tell its location or signal alert to find it in seconds. This pair of earphones are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Meaning you can easily connect to Google Assistant or Siri.

Even while cycling outdoors, you have little to worry about. Being IPX4 rated, it withstands sweat and moisture. Frequent dropping can easily damage headphones. But Bose counters that by providing a magnetic case that keeps the earphones from falling to the ground.

Even if you are not technically savvy, this device is simple to use. For example, you can easily update the firmware of the wireless headset via Bluetooth.

• Good sound quality
• Stays nicely in ears without falling out even amidst cycling
• Bluetooth software update
• 3 custom-fit tips of a small, medium, and large sizes
• Complete with USB charging cable
• Extra-long battery hours

• No noise cancellation software

2. Jabra Elite Active 75t True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Are you tired of headsets that stick out from your ears excessively and hence attracting undue attention? Jabra Elite Active 75t offers a compact, sleek, and minimalist look. And when you switch to hear through mode, you can easily stay alert of the sound in your surroundings, and boost your safety while cycling.

It uses a set of four microphones employing the latest signal processors. Besides, the Jabra Elite Active 75t taps on the passive noise cancelation technology to deliver crystal clear calls. From the App, you can dictate how much sound from your surrounding reaches your ears. So you see, it minds about your safety while mountain biking.

Do you love that rocking sound? Fortunately, Jabra Sound+ App lets you tweak the equalizer to suit your taste. Therefore you can adjust the bass, treble, and thus enjoy the optimum sound quality.

Snowy weather won’t affect your music quality. That’s because the Jabra elite active 75t noise-canceling headphone is IP57 rated as sweat and waterproof. Using a unique grip coating and resting on your ears, the headphone remains riveted in place.

Its fast charging technology saves you from extended charging hours. When the battery threatens to shut down, a 15-minute time in the socket delivers an hour of playing music.

Otherwise, full charging gives 7.5 hours of playtime. When you add the 28 hours of battery life provided by charging casing, you realize that this Jabra elite active 75t fits a busy work schedule.

• Offers a compact design with a minimalist appearance
• Compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri
• Stays put on the ears
• Quick charging

• The casing doesn’t offer wireless charging

3. Soundcore Spirit X Sports By Anker

Without puncturing a hole in the pocket, you can secure the best headphones for cycling. Anker Soundcore Spirit X Sports Earphones is budget-friendly yet offers real value for your cash. Using a pair of 10mm drivers, it drives deep bass and clear treble to your ears.

The headphone features over the ear hook design. Also, it uses soft silicone ear tips to fortify the grip of the headset without compromising comfort. By doing so, you can hence wear these Anker Soundcore Spirit X Sports Earphones for long hours without constant adjustment.

Once you charge it to full capacity, it gives you 12 hours of listening to music at 60 percent volume. Since it uses Bluetooth 5.0 technology, the earphone connects wirelessly to your Smartphone, therefore, freeing your hands.

From its blue tooth range of 10m, you can safely keep your music source device in the bag and still synchronize it with the headphone while cycling. Straining activities produces sweat from our skin. Fortunately, this equipment’s design gives it protection against sweat.

• Large 10mm drivers deliver rich sound
• Easy to adjust tangle free fit over the neck
• Impressive battery hours
• Sweat-proof

• Can’t connect to two devices at the same time

4. JayBird X3 Sport Bluetooth Headset for iPhone and Android – Blackout

The headphone uses for outdoor activities like cycling, requires a rugged design. JayBird X3, therefore, delivers a sandblasted metallic frame. Moreover, it also features a hydrophobic protective coating against sweat and moisture.

Using multiple silicone tips of the small, medium, and large size, the JayBird X3 improves its noise isolation and comfort. It uses a design that holds onto the top and the lower back of the ears. Accordingly, the headphone achieves a firm and comfortable hold on the ears.

On the other hand, the silicone tips cupped with memory foam coupled to the in-ear design of the device produces even a more secure fit. Surprisingly you can still wear a protective helmet over the headset comfortably.

Just a 15-minute charging provides an hour of cool music playing, thanks to the quick charging technology. But full power results into 8 hours of battery life and hence save you from annoying constant charging.

• In-ear design with 6mm driver
• Can pair to two different devices simultaneously
• Has a built-in microphone
• Features my sound App that allows you to tweak the sound settings to your taste

• Water coating wears out with time

5. Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones

Sometimes you might experience a busy life schedule that you hardly get time to refuel your headset battery. If that’s your case, then you need a device with long battery hours. Beats Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones delivers on such grounds.

When in a rush, plug it into the socket for 5 minutes and reap an hour of battery juice. But on a full charge, it rewards you with 12 hours of rich music. Subsequently, you can get entertained on the trail road to and fro without depleting power. And the best part, the package provides for even the charging cable.

Whether your device is Android or iOS driven, this Powerbeats3 still offers numerous benefits. By picking on Apples W1 audio chip and class 1 Bluetooth connection, Beats gives you pleasant music and good battery management.

By pressing the power button on your iPhone, it easily pairs with the phone. After which it opens the iOS 10 full features. Its multiple controls, coupled to the microphone, allow you to make clear calls, control music, and even activate Siri.

Each person has an ear canal of varying diameter. The Beats Powerbeats3 features an in-ear fit design. Accordingly, the package gives you comfy ear tips of different sizes. At the same time, the flexible but secure hook fits on the ears with unparalleled stability.

• Flexible hook that customizes its fit on your ears
• Offers four different silicone tips
• Compatible with both Apple and Android devices
• Reliable long battery life

• Has no active noise cancellation software

6. Apple AirPods Pro

Have you ever listened to music from a headphone that offers active noise cancellation technology? Get the first-hand experience from Apple AirPods Pro headphone. Sensitive microphones pick up noise generated from both the outside and within the device.

The system then creates an equal but out of phase anti-noise wave to cancel out the picked up noise. The result is unmatched clarity. Besides, it employs an H1 chip, customized speaker, and adds it to a high dynamic range amplifier. Your ears will thank you every second for every note it produces.

Using the in-ear design and three tapered silicon tips, you can easily tune this headphone to fit snugly on your ears. After that, pick on your preferred listening mode. That is active noise cancellation on/off or transparency mode. The transparency mode allows you to stay alert to sounds from your environment without removing the earphones.

• Connects to both iOS and Android devices
• Wireless charging with impressive battery life
• 40 feet Bluetooth range
• Water and sweat-resistant
• Effective noise cancelation feature
• Very sturdy casing
• Adaptive equalizer

• Minimum features on Android devices

7. AfterShokz Titanium Open Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones

When searching for the headset that doesn’t impair your hearing ability, then consider AfterShokz Titanium. It taps on the bone conduction technology and thus rests on the cheekbone to transmit music waves.

By so doing, your ears remain open, fully active, and don’t develop the discomforting sore feeling. Wearing AfterShokz Titanium wireless bone conduction headphones doesn’t prevent you from putting on glasses and head straps comfortably.

Its lightweight, sturdy, and flexible headband is titanium material. Therefore, it brings in comfort and extra-long life to the headset. Sweat, dust or moisture won’t affect the smooth performance of this device since it is IP55 rated.

Connecting to multiple Bluetooth devices is simple from this equipment, thanks to its Bluetooth V4.1 technology. And it doesn’t matter whether you own an Android or iOS device; it pairs with both devices.

Since it has dual microphones with appreciable noise-canceling features, every call you make will sound very clear.

• Leaves your ears open
• Quick to pair through blue to Bluetooth
• Comfy and durable
• Complete with noise-canceling microphone
• Battery alert warning

• Poor performance when cycling at high speed in a noisy or windy environment

How to Choose Good Headphone for Cycling

When it comes to the best headphones for cycling, you don’t have to pick on any ordinary headset. Before you dish out your hard-earned cash, make sure the earphones satisfy most if not all of the following features.

Snug But Reliable Fit

Regardless of the type of headphone you pick, it should fit snugly. For that reason, wireless connectivity offers minimal disturbance while cycling. Whether it is in-ear, bone conduction, or earbud fit, make sure it doesn’t come off often.

Accordingly, give preference to earphones that offer you multiple silicone tips of varying sizes, thereby, customizing the fit.

Shouldn’t Shut You Off from Surrounding Sounds

Wearing headphones shouldn’t shut you off from hearing your immediate environment. For safety reasons, stay tuned to the traffic behind you.

For that reason, the Apple AirPods Pro employs transparency mode to let you hear sounds around you. AfterShokz Titanium, on the other hand, uses bone conduction technology, thus leaves your ears fully open.

Reliable Power

Next, check on the battery life your headphone offers. Wireless connectivity consumes a considerable amount of power. Therefore, settle on the battery life of at least 5 hours.

For instance, Powerbeats3 Wireless Earphones provide 12 hours of battery life. For the best power reliability, some models like Bose SoundSport Free back up power in the charging case.

Moisture Resistant

Cycling will force you to sweat. It, therefore, follows that you choose the headset that offers sufficient rating against sweat, snow, and water. Such protection significantly adds life to your precious equipment.

Sound Quality

The previously highlighted features wouldn’t count if the sound quality is not pleasing. The quality of sound it produces should be pleasant to the ears. That’s why headphones like Jabra Elite Active 75t offer active EQ that you can tweak to boost the sound quality to your taste.


All the best headphones for cycling featured in this review satisfy most of the requirements featured above. Your selection then solely depends on what you prioritize most; is it power, sound quality, or lightness? The ultimate choice rests with you!

When you take your time to shift through the products, you’ll land the right headset that ticks on quality, safety on the road, and even longer battery life. Do you wish to have that constant company while cycling on a winding road? Then one of the above headphones is what you need!