Best Headphones for Mowing Review

A lawnmower makes it easy to trim grass in your yard and thus improves its look. However, the level of noise they produce, especially the gas-powered lawnmowers, can damage your ears

Lawn mowing is a regular and non-avoidable duty. One sure way to curb the irritating noise is to wear the best headphones for mowing.

Besides keeping off the noise, you can pair it to a Bluetooth music device and get entertained. By so doing, it transforms the rather unpleasant duty to be enjoyable.

Therefore are you looking for the right headphone to shield the annoying noise of a gas-driven mower? Here are our proven picks:

Best Headphones for Mowing Reviews

1. WorkTunes Connect Hearing Protector with Bluetooth Technology


The 3M WorkTunes presents the solidly built body that can withstand the regular outdoor use. It picks on the Bluetooth connectivity, cord, and antenna free design. Hence that makes it easy to use. However, it also gives you an audio input jack as a backup when the power shuts down.

Although it employs 40mm drivers, it still maintains a low profile design. At the same time, it’s 15.5oz light and even compatible with hats and helmet. Accordingly, the device is easy to conceal from unnecessary attention.

Owing to its 24db noise reduction ratio, it significantly shields off outside noise. The Bluetooth function enables you to synchronize with music devices and reap great enjoyment. And talking of rich music, the 40mm wide drivers support quality sound.

From a single charge, 3M WorkTunes rewards you with more than 20hours of listening to music. On the ear cup, it has a simple button. That allows you to switch on, pair, skip, and rewind a song.

When the battery level goes down, a LED indicator keeps you alert before it eventually automatically shuts off. Charging the headphone requires only a standard USB cable. On either side, it uses a soft ear cushion that feels friendly to the skin.

• Long battery life
• Has inbuilt microphone for easy communication
• Rugged body
• Passive noise reduction of 24db NRR
• Low profile and easy to conceal

• No inbuilt volume control


2. WULFPOWERPRO FM MP3 Bluetooth Radio Headphones Wireless Cancelling Headphones

Put on this headphone, and the thick cushy ear muffs feel comfortable and hence supporting relaxed wearing for extended hours. Also, the PU leather headband is easy to adjust and thus fits all head sizes.

Considering that it offers the noise reduction rating of 29db, it effectively drowns the high pitched noise of a lawnmower to a moderated usual conversational tone. Even if you are used to glasses, you can still wear WULFPOWERPRO noise-canceling headphones happily.

While mowing, the built-in digital radio, mp3, and Bluetooth connectivity ensure that you don’t get bored at all. You can listen to the radio, synchronize the device to your smartphone or simply ply mp3 music stored in the inbuilt memory.

Moreover, it allows you to switch between two paired Bluetooth devices. Using the noise-canceling microphones, you can answer your callers in a hands-free mode. Although it uses a rechargeable battery, it is easy to track its power level from the built-in LCD screen.

Unlike many noise-canceling headphones, the WULFPOWERPRO offers ample volume. It gives a large volume knob for adjusting the sound level.

• Lightweight of 1.4lbs
• Easy to track the remaining power level
• Simple to adjust music level
• Effectively blocks external nose by NRR of 29db
• An efficient, long-lasting battery of 800mAH

• The inability switch off Bluetooth to save on energy

3. Mpow 059 Plus Active Noise Cancelling Headphones 


Most headphones adapted to high noise environments use active, passive, or hybrid noise-canceling technology. Mpow 059 Plus picks on the active noise-canceling (ANC) technique. However, you can decide to switch the ANC off and thereby enjoy the ambient sound.

Having reduced the external sound source considerably, it replaces it with sweet music. By so doing, it further eliminates external interference. The super-comfy ear foams also block ambient sound as well as being comfortable to the skin.

Even when your Bluetooth device is 33feet faraway this headphone synchronizes with the music source seamlessly. Do you find headphones that require constant charging irritating? Mpow 059 Plus Active Noise Cancelling Headphones offers 50 hours of cool music.

And when you turn on the ANC, it reduces to a solid 18 hours. Thus whether working on an 8-hour work schedule or mowing large areas, the stored power is still more than enough. A full recharge takes you through the work.

Its drivers, that measure 40mm in diameters, pump a balanced sound from low to high frequency. When you need to listen to sound from your immediate surroundings, you don’t have to take off the headset. Switching off the ANC connects Mpow 059 Plus Active Noise Cancelling Headphones to an external sound source.

• Wireless and tangle-free connection
• Extra comfortable ear foams
• 0.7lbs lightweight
• Extra durable battery power
• Folds into a compact and easy to store shape
• Can turn the ANC on and off independently

• Its microphone doesn’t work in wired connectivity

4. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones WH1000XM2 Black

For a blend of fulfilling music and effective active noise cancellation, Sony WH1000XM2 doesn’t disappoint. And the best part it offers the benefits of both worlds; wireless and wired connectivity.

4-hours of charging rewards you with 30 hours of cool music backed up with digital noise cancelation. But when you are in a hurry, plug it in the socket for 10mins and enjoy 70 minutes of playtime.

From this headset, you can easily adjust to the level of active noise cancellation and even switch it off completely. And when you need to drown off music momentarily for a quick conversation, cover the ear cup on the right.

Swiping the earcup to the right skips music, while swiping up or down controls volume. On the other hand, a double-tap activates the hands-free calling feature. When you download its connect App, you can easily optimize the setting and music to suit your desire.

Furthermore, the App opens up plenty of additional features. That includes voice focus mode, altering sound direction, and tweak between different sound effects.

• Compatible with both Android and iOS devices
• Singe charge delivers 30 hours of music and noise cancellation
• Foldable for easy storage
• Easy to use touch controls
• Adjustable noise blocking ability

• The Bluetooth connection only pairs to one device at a time.

5. ISOtunes PRO Bluetooth Earplug Headphones 

Are you tired of earmuffs that cover the ears completely and thus grow damp over time? The ISOtunes PRO Bluetooth Earplug Headphones offer the beater alternative.

That’s especially helpful when you have to go through hot weather. It combines microphones that suppress noise, cancels echo, and the memory foam tip to reduce the outside noise by 27db.

Unlike most headphones that offer inadequate battery power, this ISOtunes supports 10 hours of battery life. Such energy capacity offs all-day protection before calling for recharge. Furthermore, when you fold the custom fit wires behind the ears, it reinforces the reliable grip of the ear tips.

As an outdoor device, it features a water and sweat resistant rating of IP55. From the four foam ear tips, you can easily find the size that suits your ear canal. Its premium music that blends deep bass are further exaggerated the high noise filtering ability.

Besides, considering that they are ANSI and OSHA –certified, you can count on its quality. It’s easy to reach controls that allow you to adjust sound volume, pause or skip a track and even take on a call.

• 240 hours in standby or 10 hours of music battery power
• Effectively filters out noise
• No tendency of popping out of the ears now and then
• Both water and sweat proof

• Not so efficient in making clear calls in a noisy environment

6. COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Very few headphones excel in both music quality and actively canceling out ambient sound. However, COWIN E7 struggles with both features so much that you’ll love it for that. It uses proficient active noise-canceling technology to significantly drown low frequency sounds like engine noise.

Thus it clips the roaring lawn mower engine to a whisper and also makes airplane traveling very pleasant. Having canceled out ambient noise by 28db, it replaces it with cool music blended with deep bass. Thanks to the 40mm drivers.

Are you worried about abrasive ear foams? COWIN E7 uses protein ear pads that feel cushion soft and skin-friendly. Therefore you can wear the headset for a long duration.

Although Bluetooth consumes significant power, COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones employs a large-capacity battery. Hence following a single charge, it supports 30 hours of non-stop music and ANC function also on.

The ANC feature ensures quiet music background, while the large aperture driver pumps deep bass with a signal to noise ratio of 85db. With soft padding on every ear cup, you can’t help but admire the overall design of this noise-canceling headphone.

When the power goes off, pick on the provided audio cable and connect it to your smartphone to enjoy music. Even though it features plastic casing, it’s sturdy enough to withstand occasional accidental drops.

• 90 degrees swiveling ear cups
• Compatible with both Android and iOS devices
• Quiet music background and ample volume
• Active noise canceling can be switched on and off
• Has auxiliary wired input too
• Low input impedance

• Lacks a dedicated button for connecting to Siri

7. Bose QuietComfort 35 II Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


In deciding the best headphones for mowing, two features stick out. That is the noise shielding/cancelation and comfort. However much it keeps noise at bay, it won’t be of much use till it blends in the snug fit and comfort. And Bose QuietComfort 35 II nails that right!

Most headphones feature a padded headband and ear foams-including Bose QuietComfort 35 II. But what sets this headset apart is that it clamps snugly to your head.

Besides, it also provides plenty of room for your ears. Consequently, you can wear them for extended hours comfortably.

And unlike most headsets, this model allows you to adjust the degree of active noise cancelation over three levels. You can either use the Bose connect App or the action button on the ear cup.

To boost the quality of music you listen to, the headphone provides augmented reality AR software.

Once you have charged the headset, it gives 20 hours of battery life. On depleting power, you can switch to using the audio cable to stream music. While using the Bose QuietComfort 35 II, connecting to the virtual assistant Alexa is simple through a dedicated button.

• Augments the music quality
• Equipped with dual noise shielding microphones for extra clear voice pick up
• Dedicated button for connecting to Alexa
• 20 hours of battery life
• Supports both wireless and wired connection to a music source
• 0.52 Lightweight and fits snugly over the head
• Complete with carrying case, charging cable audio cable

• The AR audio boosting software is compatible with iOS devices only

What Makes the Best Headphones for Mowing?

Did you know that gas-powered lawnmowers emit over 80db sound intensity? And research indicates that any noise level from 70db and above can impair your hearing ability.

Therefore what’s the best headphone for mowing that can keep your ears safe? Such a headset should feature the following qualities:

Adequate Noise Isolation/Cancellation

Many headsets employ passive, active, or a combination of both techniques to bring down the noise to a safe level. The passive method makes use of physical barriers like foams to block away from the sound.

On the contrary, active noise cancellation employs software that produces an anti-noise to cancel out the noise level. But, whichever means the headphone uses, it should reduce the ambient sound by at least 20db.

Light in Weight

Mowing involves constant walking. Hence besides reducing external noise, the headphone should feel light over your head. Otherwise, it will easily distract and tire you very quickly.

Snug Clamp Fit

Trimming grass or weeds is a slightly rigorous activity. Thus you need the earphone either fits snugly in your ear canal or clamps overt your head comfortably.

If it is extra tight, you’ll feel uneasy, and when it wobbles, it might fall or require constant adjustment. An adjustable headband thus makes the best choice.

Battery Life

A headphone requires battery power to drive the active noise canceling circuitry and wireless connection. Ideally, the headset should support your mowing for a whole day without interruption. Breaking to recharge consumes a lot of time.

With that said, the battery life of at least 8 hours would be ideal. But as a backup mechanism, you can prioritize earphones that feature both wired and wireless connectivity.

Wireless Connection

A wire-free connection device provides trouble-free movement. When passing through narrow passages or bending to trim under trees, wires can ease entangle to a twig. Besides wire-free connection, also factor in the slim and low profile design.


The primary focus of the best headphone for mowing is subduing the noise. After this, ensure that the device clamps safely over your head without offering excessive pressure.

Therefore instead of wondering over endless options, we have narrowed the list to a few headsets that satisfy the conditions highlighted above. Go through the list once more and pick on what resonates with your need.

Remember, prolonged listening to extra-loud noise will impair your hearing ability in the long run. Any of the headphones listed in this review thus offer help.