Top 15 Best Sounding Vinyl Records of All Time

Throughout the decades and all these years, there has been an astounding improvement on the grounds of the techniques of record making.

Keeping aside one side of the arguments there were some of the most excellent releases of best sounding vinyl records that were made several years back and here were are going to decide about the best sounding quality of the vinyl records of all the time.

Best Sounding Vinyl Records 2019

Here we collect the all time best sounding vinyl records which you loved below, You can find 15 vinyl records with short review and buying link. Hope you choose the best sounding vinyl record for you after read this article.


In the history of R&R, Pink Floyd is considered to be one of the greatest musical band names, and it is only usual that we are opening up with one of their highest applauded achievements. Their artwork conditions are very dull and yet they are made into legendary performance bands wide across the globe. But, in this case, the quality of the sound made them from players to stars. In the year 1972, The Dark Side of the Moon was recorded, and it got its first release the year after it got recorded. The timeline of the record is forty-three minutes approximately.

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Some arguments have been there regarding which is the best of bests among the albums of Led Zeppelin. But considering the hardcore fans of Led Zeppelin, every other of the Led Zeppelin’s record is the best. But in our humble opinion in selecting and choosing the album to write a blog presenting the best vinyl recording out of it we have chosen Led Zeppelin III. In the year 1970, this album was recorded, and it was also released in the same year, likewise Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd. You will agree with us if we say that the sound of Gallows Pole and Tangerine are exquisite and overwhelming. It will be too little to say this while considering the best sounding vinyl record of all the time.

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Now we can make our progress up to the era of the 1980s where we can get out legendary and famous pop star Michael Jackson with his album The Thriller. He always made himself the hot topic while making his presence in the cover pages of the prominent magazines. He started amalgamation funk and post-disco just to come straight out of the controversy which he used to create. Throughout the globe, his album in vinyl was sold in millions of copies. But there are certain rumours which popped out during that time regarding the accreditation of this album, But it got stooped down when the audiophiles subverted the news and considered the music of Michael ahead of his own time, where it could pass the legitimate quality of the record according to the standards of the history published these days. In the year 1982, between April and November in the year this album was recorded, and this album was released in the same year in November.

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The infamous Ozzy Osbourne along with Black Sabbath are two one of the heavy metal legendary bands from England. It is known about them as some of us might have seen their live performances while a little number of audiences had the privilege to listen to their Black Sabbath album vinyl record. There were a considerable amount of controversies which stated on account of the recordings of the process of the original recording. But private sources say that all the band members are located in separate rooms and started playing music out from the famous riffs from N.I.B, The Wizzard, and Behind the Wall of Sleep. Though the quality of the sound of the recording was not so much upgraded, yet the music created is very much exquisite and classified, in every manner.

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#5. VAN HALEN – 1984

Under the title of 1984, Eddie Van Halen’s 6th Studio album was recorded in the year 1983 before the year of its release. This album was recorded in the 5150 Studios located in California. The producer and editor of this album were Ted Templeman, and he performed a very excellent job while on the other hand, Eddie Van Halen paved a path to create you “Jump” out of “Panama” as he was “Hot for Teacher”.

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Previously, we have mentioned about the Black Sabbath’s album with its band name Black Sabbath, but it makes no sense if we do not discuss their duo album which is Heaven and Hell after he passed away within a year or two back then. The album Heaven and Hell render more of it existing than any other had ever done. We won’t be judging wrong if we say that this is the best vinyl record sound album that has been released during the early years of the 1980s. The precision of the instrument and the vibes of the music are in the style of traditional Sabbath. Here in this album, the duo voice makes the song so much inducive. The work of this album is very lucid and transparent. I would recommend you, people, to listen to this album once.

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One of the most famous bands having four members from English started with a flint producing considerable flames in the music, which revolves around the whole world. While rummaging through their records, it was tough to find which vinyl record would be fit to recommend as the one sounds better than the other. Luckily, out of all, we have found out Revolver to embrace our hearts. It was so difficult to find out this album out from the “Help!” which is energetic, the “Rubber Soul” which is rhythmic and the “Abbey Road” which is sweet and astounded with nostalgia. The sound quality of the album Revolver is on point. In the year 1966, in the month between April and June, this album has been recorded and in the year 1966, in August, this has been set to release.

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We have got several hits from Johnny Cash, and his singles were at the first position in the series of the hit list albums for more than ten years. His records are still now embraced with pleasure and astonish. Apart from this, he knew how to reach the heart of millions in his live performance. This album represents his performances held live in the year 1969, in February at the State Prison in San Quentin. He left no man, woman or child unmoved with his astounding presence, exquisite voice and with his precious finger. The vinyl recorded sound album is just not for melting down the hearts, but it is also for bringing tears to your eyes any way or the other.

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It is of very less respect if we have not mentioned of his another album All Aboard the Blue Train. This pioneer has propounded his way through his blued tracks that have finally evolved into a concept known as “rockabilly”. This is his fourteenth album, and after that, he is considered as one of the greatest and famous musicians of all time. In the year 1958, this album was recorded, and it is set out for release in the year 1962. But here, we are talking about the newly restored version of this album which was released in the year 2003, in September. Is the portrayal of Johnny’s Blue Train, Folsom Prison Blues and Train of Love sad or do they become gloomy after listening to them all.

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It is straightforward to refer to all sorts of sound albums in a go without considering Iron Maiden. England is the land of the birth of the Western pop music,  where the name of the bands like Iron Maiden and Beatles come into our mind, as they gave birth to musical finesse in the musical world throughout the globe. Having the same name as iron Maiden, this album is a masterpiece of rock or metal. A large amount of sound intensity does not make the vocals distorted, and even the beautiful strings of guitars can be heard easily. It is tough to think that what could have made them achieve this rendition of the album so beautifully even in the early eras of the ’80s. Why wait, go and buy!!!

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Deep Purple is considered to be one of the most dominant rock or metal bands of all time. Not only this, but they also sound better, and their sound protrudes to be of high quality when listened in a vinyl record and there are no such compressions to the sound quality. In this vinyl record of the album, the sound is evident, vocals are just exquisite, the bass feels more rooted, and strings of the guitars feel like astounding. Some of their hits are included in Deepest Purple album like the ‘Burn’, ‘Fireball’, ‘Highway Star’, and mainly, the genius ‘Smoke On the Water’. Deepest Purple is for all whether you are a soft music lover or rock lover.

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Alice Cooper is considered to be one of the most brilliant composers and a one of a kind showman among the nerdy music lovers. Apart from this, his music makes a great appeal and a sense of attraction for everyone. Our recommendation is to give a try to his ‘Greatest Hits’ album as it is in a digitalized format and it tends to provide you with most of his aptitudes. One must have banged their head while listening to his ‘School’s out’. This vinyl album also consists of some of his hidden precious gems such as Under My Wheels, Elected, Is It My Body and Desperado.

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Are You Experienced is considered to be one of the Jimi Hendrix’s educational records. He is one of the gods of rocks who have got the trench, the emotions in somewhat satanic mode on the guitar that is unable to compress in an MP3 manner. There are other hits of Jimi Hendrix other than Are You Experienced; they are Purple Haze, Hey Joe, Love or Confusion, Fire, Third Stone from the Sun, Foxey Lady, May This Be Love, and several others.

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The blog would have been obsolete without mentioning the name of the Queen. This band has set up our minds that how the music could be made, and it would have been blasphemous if we would not have listened to their musical rendition on vinyl records. We can also get to know about this musical band from the recent film by Bryan Singer’s Bohemian Rhapsody (2018). So, there are no other ways than to listen to their song on vinyl records which has been the hit for all time, which is the Queen’s Queen.

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This is the album which you should have to listen in your lifetime. Their less known songs which you people need to attend such as Modern Times Rock ‘n’ Roll, The Night Comes Down, My Fairy King, and Seven Seas of Rhye. We all should pay tribute and respect to the late rock and massive titan a give it a go-to listen to the creation of the art that has molded into a beautiful legacy.

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