Bose QuietComfort 15 vs 25 vs 35: Which Should You Buy?

Bose is the leading player in the industry dealing with musical gadgets and manufactures a wide range of products. But these are slightly expensive compared to other musical gadget manufacturing companies. The fact, however, remains that whatever brand one chooses; consumers always desire stupefying sound quality for the value borne by them.

The products manufactured by Bose always receive mixed feedback; among this Bose Quiet Comfort 15 has displayed performance level as expected, and consumers can stay assured about the product. But there has still been doubting about the products Bose 25 and Bose 35. This article will discuss all the three products in details with pros and cons.

The company has claimed that their product QC neutralizes noise efficiently than the earlier products as they have started giving more stress on audio frequencies/bass. It has applied the technology of cancelling active noise, which helps in analyzing and measuring sound independent of headphones and later on matching that sound with the signal that prevents the entry of the outer sound waves.

When one compares QC25 to QC 15; the design of QC 25 is much more developed than QC 15 in several aspects. QC 25 consists of microphones which are situated both outside and inside the ear cup and also contains chipset which can cancel noise accurately.

The model QC 25 also possesses a system which offers modified equalization for getting natural sound and rich bass. The QC 35 model has, however several more features which help it earn the status of an upgraded and excellent model. So take a close look at Bose QC 25 vs 35.

Bose Quiet Comfort 15 vs 25 vs 35 – Pros & Cons

Bose Quiet Comfort 15 Headphone


  • It can be worn comfortably with specs
  • The battery life is very long
  • Emanates natural and crisp sound
  • Possesses noise cancellation
  • Has cable and earpad that can be replaced
  • The accessory package is excellent and even comprises a protective casing of supreme quality.


  • The product is a bit expensive
  • Does not possess wireless compatibility
  • The design is standard and is not much alluring
  • The sound quality is hampered when the battery gets discharged.

Bose QuietComfort 25 Headphone


  • The audio and sound quality is remarkable
  • It is very comfortable for the ears
  • Has greater noise cancellation capability
  • It has crisp audio and powerful lows
  • There is no distortion even at top volumes
  • The design is superb and is found in several colorful varieties


  • The auto-off functioning is absent
  • This cannot be termed as the cheapest choice
  • Lacks Bluetooth and wireless compatibility

Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphone


  • It is the best option for phone calls
  • The battery life is long
  • It can be worn comfortably for a long duration
  • Possess Bluetooth compatibility
  • It possesses excellent noise cancellation
  • Possess select button to access Google Assistant


  • ANC is not deactivate-able
  • The battery cannot be replaced

Bose QC 15 vs 25 vs 35 – Which One is Best


Bose QC 15 has a standard design, and there is nothing extraordinary about this model.

In the QC 25 model, the shape of a headband, however, has a significant but slight change. The QC25 earphone is structured in such a manner that it fits closer to the user’s head and has very few gaps below the headband. The band of this model is covered by the best quality fabric and has soft ear cushions made of leather.

Bose QC 35 even though not the cheapest but is the best earphone in the market which has noise cancellation.

As concerned the design of these headbands both QC35 and QC 25 do not differ much, but the QC 35 has superb construction and possesses a more luxurious feel because of its extra padding. The extra padding below the headband ensures complete gripping so that the headband fits snugly in place without the fear of falling.

Thus though the QC 35 lacks style, it balances that drawback with superb comfort.

Although Bose is famous for creating comfortable earphones; the QC 35 and QC 25 both provide more comfort than QC 15 because of their bigger ear cups.

As concerned the weight of the two models; both are heavier than compared to QC 15.

If the consumers are in search of foldable earphones, which they can easily use while traveling; both QC 25 and QC 35 can be folded.

Sound Quality – Different and Better Feeling

Bose QC 15, Bose QC 25 and Bose QC 35- all the three models have excellent sound quality, but the effect created by these models has quite a different feel.

All the headphones possess a unique identity related to their audio performance and sound quality.

  • When the users compare Bose QC 15 vs 25; the earlier model provides a smooth, toned and balanced sound compared to the second model.
  • For people who are in search of excellent bass, QC 15 is the best option as excess bass can sometimes undermine the experiences felt by listening to quality music. Although the bass of model QC 25 is better, it is available only in the average range.
  • QC 25 model becomes quite mediocre on higher notes. the transitioning to the higher range can also become painful, but records in the middle and lower range are available at the right point in this model
  • As regards QC 35’s sound quality, the users should be aware of three modes of listing- active wireless, passive on the wire and active on cable.
  • When in passive mode, QC 35 model operates like standard earphones but has a decent sound quality and better tonal balance. But the bass in this model is lost and fails to stress on special notes.

Noise Cancelling – The best one is QC 35

There is no second thought about Bose QC being the best earphones in the industry with noise-canceling features based on user feedback.

Although several companies are producing headphones with noise-canceling features; Bose is leading the market by providing average quality headphones possessing extraordinary noise canceling features. After the release of Bose QC, as was expected, this model boasted of superior quality noise cancellation compared to its predecessors.

After the noise-canceling mode gets turned on; 80% of the encircling noise gets faded away. As soon as the music is turned on, the users can dwell in their world and remain entirely alienated from outward disturbances.

The promise which Bose offered regarding noise cancellation was successfully achieved in QC 35. This model has provided users with the best quality noise-canceling feature along with an extra convenient feature of being wireless. This model also possesses dual microphone and noise rejecting mechanisms which has been designed exclusively for catering to voice assistant and voice call facilities.

The QC 35 model has a battery life of 20- an hour and is considered the best noise calling and best sounding headphones produced by the company if the comparison is made between QC 15 vs QC 35. When users desire to attend call or listen to music in isolation minus distractions; then this model is the best bargain for them.

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Battery – The Reason behind QC 15 Being All-Time Favorite

Both QC 15 and QC 25 operate on AAA battery that can provide the users noise canceling facility for 35 hours.

Although some users believe relying on AAA battery is an old concept. But there remain some users who desire it as these batteries when the dead can be replaced by newer ones instead of serial recharging.

QC 15, however, requires battery when the users desire to use headphones.

The QC 25 model, however, has a passive option wherein the users can listen to music through noise cancellation feature is not turned on. But one point which the users need to remember is that once the battery gets discharged, it starts hampering the quality of sound. When the battery is fully discharged, this model still operates but without noise cancellation.

In the case of QC 35 users have the privilege of enjoying 20 hours of music, and when the battery charge reduces, they can instantly recharge for 15 mins and listen to another three hours of music.

QC 35 model is accompanied with rechargeable batteries, which for some users, is hugely beneficial. This model has upgraded battery life, which assures the users smooth operating headphones even when they are traveling on flights.

Bluetooth – The One and only One is QC35

There is no Bluetooth facility in QC 15 and QC 25, but with the later model, the users can use Bluetooth with an adapter.

QC 35 model, however, has the facility for connecting to Bluetooth and it sounds perfect even in Bluetooth. This model can play for 20 hours when it operates wirelessly, and with wires, this model can play for 40 hours.

Bose QuietComfort 25 vs 35: Performance

When assessing the performance of the QC 35 model; its capability of noise cancellation is much better than earlier models. The ability to respond to frequency is much better in this model; the bass and tone are entirely developed in this than the older versions.

QC 25, however, performs exceptionally well in obstructing the external sounds and can keep the users away from the humdrum of daily life. When users are listening to QC 35, users can easily ignore the conversations even though someone tries to get them involved.

In passive mode and having maximum volume; the treble and bass decrease significantly. When this happens, the users need to switch to an active mode so that they can activate the noise cancellation feature and feel the music becoming deeper, louder and colorful.

QC 35 provides Bluetooth compatibility to users, and its performance is excellent as desired. It has a lovely, crisp sound and the flatness which other headphones with Bluetooth facility offer is absent in this model.

This model is the best headphones related to possession of noise cancellation facility. QC 35 has the capability of canceling noise inside the plane when operating at lower frequencies. This model is quite comfortable, and even though AptX Bluetooth is not applied in this model; it does not hamper the sound quality of the headphone.


Bose QC 35 has all the features which the users desire and need.

Regarding the availability of vital features of noise cancellation; this model has left behind QC 15 and QC 25.

One of the critical transformations which the company adopted in QC 35 compared to QC 25 is providing rechargeable batteries in place of the age-old AAA batteries. This up-gradation in the cell has proved immensely beneficial for those who travel enormously. QC 35 can be easily charged from smartphones applying USB cable which has been provided with the set. The best part of this model is a slight charge can last a long time in spite of Bluetooth being turned on.

Another added feature in QC 35 which is absent in QC 25 is wireless Bluetooth. The headphones can be paired with a phone or PC by just switching on Bluetooth.

As Bluetooth is independent of wires, the headphones operate even when commands are given through voice assistants. When the headphone is switched on the users are informed about the charge left in the battery etc.

Other than voice commands; buttons are provided on-ear cups of these headphones so that users can pause/play, skip or rewind to other tracks.

QC 25 model has a hard shell of premium quality, while QC 35 also has the same hard shell. QC 35 can be folded flat inside the case along with ear cups that fit perfectly.

Build Quality

Bose QC 15 has standard quality, but it does not provide anything extra with regards to design.

QC 25 is perfect when its design is taken into consideration, but the flaw of this model lies in the fact that there is enormous usage of plastic in it.

As regards the build quality there does not lie any difference in the models QC 35 and QC 25. some users desire to possess expensive headphones which may be made of cheap plastic, but it inevitably heightens their comfort level.

QC 35 is reinforced with metals at the hinges and is stronger than it appears. When users take the utmost care of their headphones and use it along with the hard case; the headphones operate without malfunctioning.

The headphones have limited warranty of one year, which encompasses poor artistry of these models; QC 25 is okay in terms of comfort, but QC 35 leads the race.


The brand named Bose has earned a status for itself in the past few years in the industry which deals with the noise-canceling headphones.

The company did not restrict itself to noise cancellation features only but also stressed on producing earphones which could be comfortably worn and had a better design. QC models are incredibly comfortable to the ears as the ear cups are padded and soft and thus fit snugly around the ears.

If users desire to reside in a peaceful abode of silence, these earphones offer the best option though there may be many earphones available in the industry. The readers can once again review the characteristics of Bose QC 15, QC 25, QC 35 provided below to quickly assess the models before they decide on buying the perfect headphone according to their needs.

The Bose QC 15 should be bought if:

  • Users desire perfect noise canceling mechanism in their limited budget
  • Users need headband padding made of leather.
  • They desire excess storage space
  • Users need a headphone for making a list of bass music.

The Bose QC 25 should be bought if:

  • Users desire design of premium quality
  • Those who desire extra comfort for their ears
  • Those who need AAA replaceable battery
  • Those who love the toned quality of sound
  • Those who need foldable headphones
  • Those wishing active and passive noise cancellation facility

The Bose QC 35 should be bought if:

  • User desire wireless headphone
  • They need lighter headphones with controlling facility
  • They love foldable and compact headphones
  • They need a rechargeable battery
  • They need striking noise cancellation facility

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