Bose SoundSport vs Jaybird X3 – Comparison & Review 2020

Bluetooth headsets have gained a lot of popularity in recent times. They offer a truly wireless experience for the headsets with good audio quality as well. It is always a delight to use these headsets while you are at the gym or while you are involved in any other type of workout. In recent years, the wired headphones became obsolete and people are much more dependent on the wireless headsets. You will find the wireless headphones in almost every budget and you can really make a choice regarding the segment that you want to choose.

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If you are planning to purchase a premium Bluetooth headphones then you can certainly look at some of the reliable brands. The two most premium brands available in this space are Bose and Jaybird. One of the popular headsets from Bose is Sound Sport Wireless and one of the popular headphones from Jaybird is X3. You can certainly go ahead and choose among one of these and the sound quality of these two headphones is quite impressive. If you are confused with which one to buy among these two then do not worry. We have compared Bose SoundSport and Jaybird X3 for you here in this article. You can dive deep into the details

Bose SoundSport vs Jaybird X3 – Key Differences

Let us first talk about the key differences between Bose SoundSport vs Jaybird X3. Let us look at these points briefly.

  • Battery – Battery is the most important part of any headset. Jaybird is the clear winner in this case because of the fact that it gives you a battery backup of 8 hours. If you are in a hurry then you can get a backup of 1 hour in just 15 minutes of charge. This certainly proves to be a handy fact. In contrast, the Bose SoundSport gives you a backup of around 6 to 7 hours. This may not be a significant difference but if you are going for most of the day then Jaybird takes the cup.
  • Grip & Safety – In terms of grip, Jaybird comes with the silicone ear tips along with regular ear tipsthat can be used. Both of them are comfortable to use and they offer optimal soundproofing as well. In terms of Bose SoundSport, they offer a better fit and they are also safer to use. The reason why we say that Bose is safer is that they let some sound in which helps you in being aware of your surroundings. You might feel slightly uncomfortable with Jaybird if you plan to use them for long hours.
  • Sound Quality – Sound Quality is one of the most important aspects of any headphones. Talking about the sound quality, Jaybird X3 sounds amazing but there is one drawback of these. The drawback is that these have a lower level of bass when compared with Bose SoundSport. The headphones from Bose sounds a lot crisper and they have a stronger base for you.
  • Sweat Resistance –In terms of sweat resistance, both the headphones handle the sweat very well. They do not fall out of your ears and they do not get damaged because of the dripping sweat. This may sound a little disgusting right now but you need to consider this factor while you are buying the headphones. In our opinion and as per the review of several other customers, there is no issue with the sweat and weather resistance when it comes to Bose SoundSport or Jaybird X3.
  • Application – Both the headphones come with an application so that you can go ahead and change the EQ settings or select your preferences as per your needs. Both the applications offer a simple to use interface for the applications however, we feel that the application of Bose is implemented in a much better way when compared to the application that Jaybird has.
  • Bluetooth – As you know, both the headphones need to be connected to the phone usingBluetooth and they both are reliable to use. The connection is strong and they support connection for the standard range. Bose SoundSport can easily switch devices if you use multiple devices like phone, smartwatch, and tabletor maybe a laptop.

This was to give you a basic idea about Bose SoundSport and Jaybird X3. We have established a basic difference between the two headsets and we are now going to talk about each of these in detail.

Bose SoundSport

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These ones are perfect in terms of connectivity and sound quality. The sound is crisp and the bass is strong. The grip of these is also very reliable and at the same time, these headphones ensure that you are aware of surroundings. Another amazing feature of these headphones is that when you turn on the headphones, a voice declares the percentage of the battery in your headphones. This is certainly a feature that helps you in understanding the juice in your battery. The voice also tells you about the device that the headphones are connected to. This is yet another reliable feature in these headphones. Again, as mentioned earlier, these headphones are not waterproof but they are certainly sweat proof.

The headphones are provided with the 3 ear tips of different sizes which are also very comfortable. The curved fin design is also helpful in ensuring that the headphones do not fall off from the ears. Apart from this, the headphones come with an in-built microphone which works very well. The sound quality transmitted is clear. Switching tracks or controlling the headphones is easy because of the inline controllers. To give you an idea about the charging time, the complete charging time of these headphones is 2 hours.

To conclude the information about Bose SoundSport, we can say that the headphones are for the people who are looking for rugged headphones with good battery life. They will give you the best sound quality and the product is almost flawless. They are certainly very versatile and they will offer you a lot of joy during the intense workout options. In all, we can say that the headphones are a perfect piece if you do not mind spending some extra money

Pros of Bose SoundSport

  • Better Sound Quality With Bass
  • Sweatproof Design
  • Comes with 3 Easy to use Ear tips
  • Integrated Voice Communication for Communication
  • Easy to control the Volume and Tracks

Cons of Bose SoundSport

  • Slightly Expensive than Jaybird X3
  • The battery lasts less than Jaybird X3

Jaybird X3

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Talking about Jaybird X3, these are again reliable headphones and they can prove to really handy if you travel a lot. They are reliable and the fact that they can give you a backup of 1 hour in 15 minutes charge is quite amazing. One problem that you might feel here is that there is no such passive interface that tells you about the battery percentage. The only thing that happens here is that it will tell you when the battery is low and then there is no notification at all. You get a backup of 20 minutes after the declaration and that is it. As mentioned earlier, they are not waterproof but at the same time, they would offer optimal protection from the sweat. You can easily go with them for a run even on a hot summer day without having to worry about the sweat.

The ear tips that come with these headphones are made of memory foam and they offer good passive noise cancellation. You might not want to use these while riding a bike because you would not be very much aware of your surroundings. Apart from this, you also get 3 silicone tips with different sizes. Just like all other headphones, you get build-in headphones here and you also have inline controllers that let you control the volume, change track and answer the call. When compared with the Bose headphones, they might not prove to be as durable so you need to handle them with some care.

The best part about these headphones is the equalizer settings that give you a personalized sound experience on your device. The complete charge time for these headphones is 2.5 hours

Pros of Jaybird X3

  • Quick Charge Option & Longer Battery Life
  • Better EQ options with Pre-Set Settings
  • Offers better Passive Sound Cancellation
  • An affordable yet premium headphones

Cons of Jaybird X3

  • Higher Charge Time
  • No Charge Percentage Indicator like in Boss SoundSport

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Final Verdict

We have listed all the details about Bose SoundSport and Jaybird X3. We have given you the comparison points and we have also listed the information regarding the pros and cons of each headphones. Since you are the end-user, we would leave the decision over you regarding which one to buy. However, if still want a final verdict from us, then we feel that Bose SoundSport is slightly better than Jaybird X3 if you do not mind paying the premium for these headphones. If you do not wish to pay extra then you can certainly go ahead and purchase Jaybird X3.