Jaybird Freedom 2 vs Jaybird x3 – Pros & Cons and Verdict : [Full Comparison]

Jaybird is a renowned brand when it comes to headphones. Along with the wired ones, the brand also deals in high-quality reliable wireless headphones that not only look amazing but also are practical buy for the enthusiasts who aren’t too keen to stick with their mobile or smart devices to listen to their favorite music. The wireless headphones have their own pros and cons but we aren’t going to discuss them here. The only thing that we are going to talk about wireless headphones is how you can get the best value for your money by purchasing a good quality headphone for yourself. Wireless headphones are great for the buyers who aren’t too keen to stuck with their devices and are looking for more freedom than wired headphones.

As the market is full of wireless headphones, the novice users may get confused while choosing the perfect one for them. To help such readers, we have shortlisted two most reliable and good valued wireless headphones from Jaybird that are affordable, easier to use and are better than most of the other wireless headphones available in the market. The two headphones we are talkingabout are the Jaybird X3 and the Jaybird Freedom2 which are amongst the first choice of the buyers and offer great value to the buyer’s money.

Here, we will compare these two perfectly designed wireless headphones and will help you decide about the better one out of them so that you can buy the best wireless headphone according to your needs. So, if you were looking to buy a reliable headphone that can be used while working out in the gym, you should go through the article and choose the best wireless headphone for you.

Jaybird Freedom 2

Jaybird Freedom 2 is a popular model from the brand and if you were looking to buy a perfectly sized and easy to use wireless headphone that looks great is easy to use, the Freedom 2 would be an ideal choice for you. Along with the brilliant design, and decent sound quality, this is a perfect choice for the buyers who are looking to buy a good quality headphone without spending too much money on it. With grippy earpad and great customization, Freedom 2 is a great buy for the price.

So, if you were after great value, easy usability and compact design, you should not look any further than the Jaybird Freedom 2 would be an ideal wireless headphone for you. Try it and you are going to love the performance. Some of the positive and negative things about the Jaybird freedom that we came across while reviewing the Jaybird  Freedom 2 headphones are listed below. Just go through them, and then decide whether this is the perfect headphone for you or not.


  • Extremely compact and lightweight design
  • Decent battery life for the regular users
  • Reliable build quality


  • No stereo sound

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Jaybird X3

JAybierd X3 is another brilliant choice for the buyers who are looking to buy a reliable, feature-rich and high-end wireless headphone that is loaded with lots of plus points and great battery life. The sweat-proof and compact design make it a worthy buy for the users who are looking to buy a perfect headphone that not only justified its price completely but also provides the users with great sound quality and performance. With great stereo audio, this has a marginally better sound quality than its counterparts including the Jaybird freedom 2. In all, if you were looking to buy a reliable wireless headphone that works extremely well in every condition and is easier to carry, the Jaybird X3 would be an ideal deal for you. With no compromise sound quality and perfect usability, this is probably the best wireless headphone you can buy today in this price range. Try it, and you are not going to regret your decision about spending money on this headphone.

During our review, we have encountered a few positive and negative things about the headphone that you must know as a buyer before investing your money to it.


  • Great design. Perfect for long use
  • Meant to perform for the music enthusiast. Stereo sound quality and effective noise cancellation makes it a worthy product for hardcore music lovers
  • Easy to use. The sweat-proof design makes it great for athletes.


  • Expensive buy for the first-timers

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Jaybird Freedom 2 vs Jaybird x3

As said, the Jaybird Freedom 2 and X3 are amongst the most popular wireless headphones from the brand, lots of buyers confuse about the one they should buy for them. So, let’s first compare these two headphones in terms of usability, battery life, and features. By going through this comparison, you will be able to decide about the better product or choose which one of these products will be a better choice for you. So, let’s get started.

  • Usability

The first important thing that you should look for while purchasing an ideal wireless headphone is usability. The wireless headphones are generally bought by users to enhance the mobility and are great for the health enthusiasts who want to listen to their favorite tracks while working out in the gym, or having a morning walk.That’s the reason why you should buy a headphone that is easy to use and doesn’t divert you from working out.

Talking about the Jaybird’s Freedom 2 and X3, both these headphones are extremely comfortable to wearand are perfectly designed to wear during the workout and traveling.

However, talking about the better one, the Jaybird Freedom 2 is more compact and lightweight than the X3.

In all, if you were looking for a compact and easier to use wireless headphone then we will suggest you to go with the Jaybird Freedom 2 which is easier to use and are more manageable than the bulky headphones available in the market.

  • Battery life

Battery life is one of the most important aspects while choosing a reliable wireless headphone that lasts for long without any issue, and you can easily enjoy the longer journeys without any need of carrying the charger with you. Most wireless headphones offer easy and quick charging and as a buyer, it is essential that you keep an eye on this while finalizing the deal. Buying a headphone with lesser battery life doesn’t solve any purpose and you may have to find another one for you that has a better battery back up.

IN terms of the battery life, both Freedom 2 and X3 from Jaybird are a good performer and provide relatively better battery life than the other products available in the market in the same price range. Comparatively, the Jaybird X3 has a bigger battery and provides an adequate battery of almost 8 hours on full charge. However, the Jaybird Freedom also is a great buy and provides a decent battery backup of 4 hours without any issue. So, comparatively the X3 is a better choice between the two, but you can also invest on the Freedom 2 if you are a first-time buyer and 4 hours battery life is just okay for you.

So, decide according to your needs and then choose a better one for you. For us, the Jaybird X3 would be a better choice for you. Try it, and you won’t have to carry your charger with you while traveling to charge your headphones.

  • Features

Lastly, the features also play an important role in choosing any electronic gadget including wireless headphones. Make sure to check the features of the headphone before investing money to it. With better noise cancellation and sweat-proof design, the Jaybird X3 obviously offers better value and if you are looking for the best set of features, you should go with the Jaybird X3 for best results and value.

So, these were the top three points on which most of the buyers judge a wireless headphone. Now, you know which wireless headphone works well in which aspect and now you can easily decide the better one according to your needs.

Next, once you have gone through the comparison, now it is time to get detailed reviews of both the products along with their strong and weak points so that you can make a wise decision and buy the best headphone for you.

Our choice

AS said, both Freedom 2 and X3 provides great value for money and are loaded with features, but if we need to choose one out of these two, then it would definitely be the Jaybird X3 which is advanced, has a better sound quality and performs better with whooping battery life and great durability. Also, the perfect design of the headphone will help you wear it comfortably for hours until the battery lasts. So, if you have enough budget and want to buy the best wireless headphone for you, the X3 would be a better choice for you. Try your hands on it, and you won’t regret spending money on it.