JBL E45BT v/s E55BT– Comparison & Review 2020

Here is a comparison between two JBL E series headphones – E45BT v/s E55BT. The E series headphones of JBL are the latest addition brought in by JBL in the line of their consumer goods. In doing so, they have launched three colorful wireless headphones that are available as over-ear, in-ear, and on-ear design, which left many comparing between on-ear and over-ear. This comparison may help you in figuring out which one is more suited to you.

JBL E45BT v/s E55BT

JBL E45BT and E55BT are similar-looking headphones and confuse anyone if they are not paying close attention. Though the headphones look very similar, some differences have to be taken into consideration.

Below are some differences between both that will help you get better knowledge about them. You would be concerned about the sound quality, the base, and battery longevity.



It is an on-ear headphone which is available in blue, black and red. The headphone has a leather material, is a lot softer, and is incredibly comfortable. It gives a good fit. The ear cups have the left and right markings inside them, and all your controls are on your right-hand side. The headband is like a woven fabric and very lightweight. 


  • The sound quality is decent.
  • The headphone is very light-weight.
  • It has a battery level indicator.
  • Compact when folded.


  • Less padding.
  • No aptx HD support.
  • No Siri support.
  • It does not provide noise cancellation.

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The JBL E55BT is an over-ear headphone design and has better bass with longer battery life. It has a larger ear cup that fits around the ear, providing more comfort and ease. It is available in blue, black, and red color, which gives the customer the option to choose their favorite color, The headphones have a matt finishing giving it an elegant look.


  • Longer battery life (20 hours).
  • Over the ear form.
  • Bigger driver unit (50mm).


  • No aptx HD support.
  • No Siri support.
  • Less padding on the headband.
  • Buttons are small and closely packed together.

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Difference between JBL E45BT and E55BT


Both headphones are designed under the JBL E series promotion. Both the headphones are good on battery life and are light weighted. E55BT is slightly heavier due to the full-sized ear cup. Both the headphones are comfortable as it has durable comfort fit fabric and provides small padding on the band. The ear cups are made of hard material on both the headphone, that maintains the feature of being light weighted. Both the headphones have soft, pleather cushions that are comfortable for long term usage.

The E45BT, which is an on-ear headphone, gives enough bonded leather to provide an agreeable and all-around fixed fit against the ear, whereas the E55BT, which is a larger and over-ear headphone, is made to fit right around your ear. They are very flexible as they are built on is plastic fabric. On your left-hand side, you have a charging point. The hinges of the headphone rotate very smoothly, quickly, and quietly.


Both the headphones have Bluetooth on a switch, control switch for volume, answer calls, and switch track on the right ear cup. Also, they both have Bluetooth button for pairing each device with up to 2 devices simultaneously. Both provide an Aux jack port, which can be used by you when you feel about going wired, or there is less battery.

The E45BT provides battery life to use 20 hours of wireless, whereas E45BT offers 16 hours of battery life to enjoy it wirelessly. Both take 2 hours to get fully charged and ready to go. Both the headphones include the micro USB charging cable and detachable fabric cables.


We have seen most of the features of both the headphones, but they have two significant differences between them, the size of ear cups, and the battery life. The third major difference is related to its sound. E45BT provides a brilliant sound. Though the lows are available, these are not pronounced. In contrast to the E55BT, it lacks as the mids and highs are more forward and quite shimmery. Vocal in E55BT is sweet but doesnt hurt your ears as they are not very sharp. This further gives lovely details to treble claps.

Overall, E45BT gives a beautiful listening experience for almost everybody- except for the bass. In case you are looking for better bass, you can go for over-ear E55BT, which has better bass and heavier low end. The lows and low-mids are progressively forward-giving a pleasant piece of warmth to melodies with pounding bass lines. The E55BT has proven itself better in terms of sound quality- more to them who are experts in the bass. They have a sweetly engaging sound to them, the highs are crisp, and the lows are sharp and punchy. The mids manage to stay present, and vocals are clear and easy to hear.

Feature Comparison



Fit Style



Earcup Type



Earcup Width x Height

2.577″ x 2.577″

2.9″ x 3.603″

Frequency Response

20-20k Hz

20-20k Hz


6.4 ounces

8 ounces

Battery Life

16 hours

20 hours

Chord length



Which one is the better option?

When it comes to choosing between them, both are good and have some unique characteristics like connecting Bluetooth with two devices at the same time. The main difference is the battery life, bass, size of the ear cups. But if you see, they differ in prices accordingly. If you are not that fan of bass, you can go for E45BT as it is more pocket friendly and provides excellent sound quality.

The JBL E55BT will sit on the ear as it has larger ear cups and will not pinch above the ear. But it depends on the user to the user as some like over-ear and some like on-ear.

End Notes

There are a lot of options in the market when it comes to headphones. Different brands have come up with different series with different ranges.

JBL E series headphones give the user a unique touch of JBL quality sound, different color range to choose from. You can choose between E45BT and E55BT based on our comparison and review.